Well then, here is my meme list

So because I decided I wanted to do meme’s on my blog, I figured I’d write a list of the meme’s i’m going to do, and a link so you can find them!
So here we go!

Whenever necessary:

5 thoughts on “Well then, here is my meme list

  1. Cassie Bailey says:

    I do in my mailbox and I do:

    Mondays – It's Monday, what are you reading and Fast forward

    Tuesday – Teaser Tuesday and Tune in Tuesday and Top ten Tuesday

    Wednesday – Waiting on Wednesday

    Thursday – The time will come

    Friday – Follow Friday

    Saturday – In my mailbox and on my wishlist

    Sunday – I do my own meme 😛

    You'll find it makes a great difference joining in with memes

    If you need any help, just shout, I'm on twitter, facebook, goodreads and here.

  2. TylerRosexD says:

    Hm, You do a lot of Meme's! However I can't actually follow your blog, it won't let me on it – which sucks.

    Do you do yours weekly? Biweekly? (You get the picture!)

  3. Kayleigh @ K-Books says:

    Hey I only do 2.

    Thursday – The Time Will Come
    it gives me the motivation to read some of the books i've had for ages.

    Sunday – In My Mailbox/What I Read
    Mine's a little different coz i don't buy books every week so i added what i read and post what books i finished each week


  4. TylerRosexD says:

    I don't understand what 'The Time Will Come' is? xD I'll hop onto your blog and find out!

    As for In My Mailbox, I won't do it weekly, 'cause I don't buy books weekly, but I buy them often enough!

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