Cover Wars (#2)

I’d like to give credit where it is due here, but I don’t know who started Cover Wars. So if anyone does know, leave a link to their blog down below!

But, basically each week (on a friday) I’ll be looking at the cover’s of a US version of a book and a UK version of the book (unless I like the version from somewhere else, then i’ll include that one too).
Since I was talking to my friend Andrew last night about my books of the month, I figured I’d do Forbidden. I’m choosing Forbidden over Die for Me because Forbidden only lost out on the book of the month because of the fact it was the second in a series.

So then, the first thing I noticed when looking at the US version (the top cover) is that the UK version (the bottom cover) has a different name. I knew this because Jana Oliver tweeted to me once that the UK versions were all having one word as the title (Forsaken, Forbidden and Forgiven) so I knew they were different. I prefer Forsaken to The Demon Trappers Daughter just like I prefer Forbidden. 
I like the fact that on the US cover our main character, Riley is sitting in a graveyard which is the place where all the crap in this book starts. I don’t like the fact that there is a huge chunk of blue underneath that though. Since the top is black and white, it’s too much of a bold colour at the bottom (in my opinion) but I do love the top half of that cover. 
Now the UK cover just strikes me as different. Sure, a lot of covers now-a-days have pictures of girls on the front, and they are usually profile pictures. BUT! Elizabeth May is just gorgeous! Don’t you think? I really love the smokey effect that introduces the blue colour to this book, especially since the center of the book is pretty dark. 

What do you think about the chosen covers? Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

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