Cover Reveal (#2)

Today John Green revealed the TFIOS cover to us on his tumblr and I thought I’d show it to you since I am really excited about it. Now since I pre-ordered TFIOS mine will look a little different (I’ll show you both) but here is the cover:

I’m loving the simplicity! At first I was like ‘oh.. I thought you were using a nerdfighters cover…’ then I realised that nope, they never actually said they would use a nerdfighers cover, so now i’m in love with it. Wow, that sentence was a long sentence. Anyway. I love the bold blue in the background as well, which is ironic since the last time a bold blue was used, I didn’t like it at all…

Like I said, mine will be SLIGHTLY different, in the sense that it’ll be a first edition book and therefore signed…

Can you see it? (aha, as soon as I typed that I thought of the programme Ghost Whisperer) Can you see the difference? Yes, it’s that yellow blob. Actually, according to Johns tumblr, it’s a removable sticker. So, awesome. Yes, I’m happy about the fact I get a removable sticker – so what?

Anyway, you can tweet your thoughts to me at @TylerRosexD or you could even tweet them to John at @realjohngreen or leave a comment below if you don’t have twitter. 

One thought on “Cover Reveal (#2)

  1. Kate says:

    I really didn't like the cover when I first saw it, but I will admit that it has grown on me. It's just that the Nerdfighter covers were so drool worthy and this one is so simple. It was a shock, but I'm really starting to like it 🙂

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