Octobers Overview!

That’s the end of October! Not much happened in the month of October. I celebrated my 1 month anniversary with Andy, I went to University Open Days, I stayed at Andy’s for three days, I went to London with Andy, I read three books… What? Three books? The aim was five? Damn. Well in my defence I did finish two school books? So does that count as five? Not until I cross them off on my list? Oh okay… I guess I’ll have to do that soon then!
So here are the books I read in the month of October

So I only read three books this month that had nothing to do with school. In total, I read 5 books as we finished CCM and Rapture, but they don’t count as we skipped chapters/poems so we could fit them in. So I guess they don’t truly count. Which is a bummer. But I did read 3 books.
The book of the month really is no doubt Northern Lights. This is because I really enjoyed this book once I got a few chapters into it and really struggled to put the book down. Really enjoyed this book, I borrowed it from Andy, and i’m currently reading The Subtle Knife which he also kindly let me borrow. 

So, that being said, Northern Lights is officially Octobers Book of the month!

Aim for November: 5 books MIN!

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