NaNoWriMo congratulations
Have you ever taken on a huge task with to be honest, a very close deadline, before? If yes then you have experienced the ups and the downs and everything that comes in between… At the start of November, my boyfriend took on a massive task: write a novel of 50,000 words in 30 days. I’m not sure what made him do it, maybe it was the fact he had an idea floating around in his head, maybe it was the fact I told him to consider doing it? I don’t know. But he did.. And to find out how it went, most of his ups and downs, just head over to his blog

Myself and Jess have followed Andy’s progress throughout this month, and have throughly enjoyed reading his novel. He has great idea’s and his wrote the novel as if he was writing it professionally, not just to try and write a novel in 30 days. 

Congratulations are in order though! Andy hit 50,000 words in 29 days and then in the final day managed to get the total of words up to…

56,266 words!

He worked incredibly hard this month and was writing in most of his free time – I think the only time he wasn’t writing was when I stayed over his or when he was over here  (even then, it was hard to convince him to NOT write!). However I’m glad he wrote a bit a day, even if it wasn’t always the right amount every day. 

However, here is his winning profile, along with a synopsis written mostly by myself. Maybe one day he’ll allow others to read his story… but for now, I think it is going to stay locked away on our laptops… I’ll try and convince him to do something about it… one day. 

He agreed to let me do a review of his novel! So I’ll be doing that soon, and i’m still going to try and get him to do a guest post on here… Anyway… see ya soon guys!

(One final note, I am so freaking proud of him!)

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