Update! Again!

So, I’m currently reading Hallowed and thoroughly loving it! I’m on page 225 out of 403 meaning I’m over half way! And I’m actually really pleased about this! I’ve been reading this book on and off now for the past week? Ish? And as much as I’m enjoying it, I’d like to move on to something else (since come easter my revision for English Literature begins!).
Whilst reading Hallowed however, I’ve noticed similarities between the Unearthly series and the Fallen series. Which is bugging me. But i’m hoping I can just ignore the similarities and give it a good rating because it is a really good book!

After this,

I have three books I want to read
-Wither by Lauren Destefano – finished
-The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson – finished
-My Soul To Take by Rachel Vincint – finished

Books I have to read
-Betrayed by PC and Kristin Cast
-Paper Towns by John Green
-A Killer First Date by Alyxandra Harvey

Books for review
-Sykosa by Justin Ordonez
-Notes To Self by Avery Sawyer

I know I won’t get these books  read before Easter but I hope to get most of them read! So wish me luck!


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