New Design!

So in my boredom, I thought I’d rearrange my blog. But then I thought ‘why stop there?’. So I went hunting. I came across Shabby Blogs and found they had certain elements pre-designed and they were up for use! Since polka dots are my favourite pattern I immediately began looking. 

Now, I’ve NEVER done my blog before. Previously it was a ready made template on blogger. Then a ready made template that my boyfriend installed for me. Now this. Here I had the header and the background from Shabby blogs, but found I had no idea how to add them.. no idea how to customise the gadgets etc… I was clueless. 

I’m proud of how it turned out, and it looks really good (in my opinion anyway!). Now i’ve finished carrying out a failed dream of being a designer (that was born about an hour and a half ago, then demolished 10 minutes after), I can go back to doing what I enjoy: reading and reviewing books.

So, I suggest you check out what Shabby Blogs has to offer! Because since it’s all for free, they deserve a lot of recognition for what they do! Without them, my blog wouldn’t be as well, awesome as it is! Thanks to the girls over at Shabby Blogs!!

And I’m going to go back to reading Clockwork Angel!

Tyler x

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