Review: Dark Ride by Caroline Green

Title: Dark Ride
Author: Caroline Green
Publisher: Piccadilly books
Release Date: May 1st 2011
Pages: 185
Read it in: less than 1 day
Source: Author/Publisher

You can buy it on amazon.

Synopsis: Goodreads:

A mysterious boy. A haunting secret.

A shiver crawled up my spine. It felt like the loneliest place in the world. For a second I thought I caught a snatch of music in the air, but it was just the wind whistling through cracks in the fairground hoardings.

My instincts screamed, ‘Run away, Bel! Run away and never return!’
But instead my fingers closed around the ticket in my pocket. 

Admit one. 

Bel has never met anyone like Luka. And the day she follows him into the abandoned fairground, she is totally unprepared for the turn her life is about to take.

My Review:

The character of Bel is the one we follow throughout the novel as she and her mother move to a new town, one she isn’t that fond of, she misses her old home and her dad. She stumbles upon a fairground after meeting a boy previously at the bus stop who leaves her an ‘admit one’ ticket.

After finding this fairground, she finds a boy, Luka with a mysterious secret – so secret he doesn’t even know about. I’m actually really proud of myself for figuring it out before it’s explained in the novel – and I’m kind of confused about how certain events take place with him being what he is? Though the story line is entertaining and romantic, it had a serious message behind it which I won’t spoil for you. 

Caroline Green made me fall in love with the somewhat mysterious Luka. He seemed both innocent, troubled and intriguing at the same time – which I really liked. I don’t know how I personally feel about the ending because I’m convinced the story didn’t have to have stopped where it did! There could have been more added! I’m sure of it! 

Maybe even a sequel? Well, one could hope! Sequel or no sequel, it was an amazing read! And stands well on its own! I really loved it, and will happily read it again!

Rating: 5/5


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