Cover Wars (#5)

I’d like to give credit where it is due here, but I don’t know who started Cover Wars. So if anyone does know, leave a link to their blog down below! 

But, basically each week (on a friday) I’ll be looking at the cover’s of a US version of a book and a UK version of the book (unless I like the version from somewhere else, then i’ll include that one too).
Remember, when referring to left or right, i mean as you look at the screen!

So I’m choosing to do a few books this week to make up for the fact that I haven’t done one for a long time!

First of all: The Name of the Star

So first of all, I have to point out both covers are beautiful! The US version (left) has an eerie element with  the faded character in the front of the book with the female behind him slightly. Cleverly done, it represents the plot line and keeps a level of mystery about it I adore.
The UK version (right) explains the plot line in the tag line (which appears to be a running theme throughout the series according to the sequels cover) without having to include a faded image. But the level of secrecy dips a little – but the main plot line is kept hidden whereas it’s kind of exposed in the US version. I’m not sure of the model used in the UK version however, I prefer the US model… 

That being said, I think I’d pick each of the covers up… but the UK version would draw me in quicker

UK wins. 

Secondly: My Soul To Take 

Red is a re-occurring theme in both covers (which makes the sense since she screams bloody murder) however I think the boldness of the US version is a little off putting and the pose the model is pulling? I don’t understand what that has to do with the book AT ALL!
In comparison the UK version has the element of a scream on the cover with the red lips being the main focus really. 

UK wins. 

So! Which cover do you prefer of The Name of The Star? And which My Soul To Take cover do you prefer? Leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to get back to you!


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