Review: Cracks by Caroline Green

Title: Cracks
Author: Caroline Green
Publisher: Piccadilly Press
Release Date: May 24th 2012
Pages: 245
Read it in: 4 days (on and off)

You can buy it on amazon.

Synopsis: Goodreads:

Who do you trust when you discover your whole life has been a lie?

Cal thinks he’s losing his mind when cracks start appearing that no one else can see. But his life splinters apart when he discovers that, far from leading an ordinary life in a northern town in 2012 as he thought, he has spent his whole life so far in a deliberately induced coma. The year is actually 2024 and a repressive regime is in force: it plans to brainwash the whole population. Set free by the local resistance movement, he finds himself drawn into their struggle; and he gets involved with Kyla, a girl who lives on the streets. But are they all just using him: is there anyone he can really trust?

A nail-biting thriller that never lets the reader relax!

My Review:

So when the author offered me the chance to read Cracks, I was ecstatic! When it arrived in the post, I couldn’t have been happier. I really wanted to read Caroline’s work and was thrilled at the prospect of actually having a chance to read and review them!

So, Cracks follows a boy called Cal as he wakes up from his 12 year coma! Shocking right? In his mind he’s been living those 12 years. Perfectly normal… that is until he starts seeing cracks everywhere and little things like his teacher repeating himself… and his mother saying ‘He can’t be waking up’… That’s probably enough to make any kid go insane. When Cal is brought back to reality things go from bad to worse because he doesn’t know who to trust…

Kyla and Jax were interesting in this story because I was unsure about them both (I guess I was thinking about Cal!) and I was pleased when it turned out Cal could trust them. I was rooting for Cal the entire way through the book and as you read through the novel there are parts that you speed up reading because of the action making the book impossible to put down (unless you’re me and you’re ill whilst trying to read it..). 

The end of Part 2 and Part 3 made this book for me… It was the fastest part of the novel, the most interesting and the parts that are the ‘nail-biting’ sections. I loved them. 

The cliffhanger at the end of the book annoyed me however because it meant the book was over and I wasn’t exactly 100% happy about the book ending. Especially since I was really enjoying it!

Caroline Green created two entirely believable worlds. She created loveable, hated (but believable) characters. I can’t find a fault with Cracks.. It really is an amazing book… This dystopian novel was another great one!

Rating: 5/5


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