I feel like I haven’t done an update in so long! Probably because I feel like I’m cheating you all when I do these…

So okay, what’s going on? Coming up on my blog we’ve got TWO books tours!

May 21st – Dragon Rider’s Gift by L.H LeMoyne

June 23rd – Protector by Vanna Smythe

So, that’ll be interesting I hope! I’ll be posting a review and a book excerpt each time!

So as you’re probably going to notice this anyway, I’m going to tell you all now!

My exam period just began at Sixth Form and between now and June 25th I may be a little quiet! Never fear though! I will continue to upload (just not as often as I have been!)

So today, I leave you with the picture that was taken today (our final day in tutor!). It’s been an emotional day, and I’m sorry for not posting properly today ): And I probably won’t post properly again until Sunday… (sorry)…

Forgive me?

Ty xx


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