This is my Bookcase!

So I’ve seen this going around a lot, bloggers introducing you to their bookshelves and their reading corners/where they read etc. I thought I’d do it too. Mine is no where near as impressive as most bloggers since I only have one book case full of books. But here we go anyway!

Now this isn’t all of my books because my mum has stolen three of my books and one of my friends has three of them as well (i’m still waiting for the return of those…). But that is the extent of my books for pleasure. I have a shelf of school books and a shelf of books I don’t read but have to keep because they’re from my great nan/friends/family. 
(They’ll be in detail after the break!)

So here they are in detail:

These are the top two shelves. I’ve unfortunately managed to cut out the starts of the shelves, but you get the picture. My books are organised by the last name of the author and then the date they were published (unless it’s a series). Needless to say The House of Night series and novellas take up a lot of space on the top shelf (total of 12 books!) and then The Inspector Morse series takes up a lot of space on the second shelf (14 books!).

These are my second set of shelves, it’s quite obvious that all of my books are YA books… It’s a blury picture, but these shelves are home to Fifty Shades series, The Drake Chronicles, Twilight, Harry Potter, Divergent and my boyfriends book Ab Initio. 
A lot of the books I love are on these shelves, and a lot of them have reviews on my blog! 

This is the bottom two shelves (the very bottom is hidden because it’s books I don’t read but were gifts or families books) and it’s not quite complete yet. It’s home to the final Harry Potter books, some Darren Shan books (The Demonata series, not complete on my shelves though…) and the Soul Screamers series for example! There are also three of my boyfriends books (two I borrowed and one I brought for him!), so they will be leaving my shelves soon!

Where I read:

So these are the main places where I read my books because my bed is comfy, I noticed that a lot of people sit in a chair or whatever but I have my bed or I sit by my book case, I recently put a double quilt on the floor so it’s actually comfy for me to sit there and read for ages. When I’m not there my two teddies live there, just like my bunny lives on my bed when I’m not there. 

So that’s my collection! Along with where I read. Did you spot any books on my shelves that you own or what to read? Where is your favourite place to read a book? Let me know in the comments!


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