This is my Bookcase – Andy’s Edition

So, Tyler has asked me to fill in for her and I thought I would use this chance to show off my bookcase (which is not strictly speaking, a bookcase.) So before I met Tyler my book collection wasn’t exactly that grand. It comprised of exactly 5 series and the odd extra book but most of my bookshelf space was taken up by manga volumes. My manga collection contains over 200 books and is still the main bulk of the books I own, however I won’t be talking much about these today. A couple of the series that I will give honorable mentions to are Loveless, a series which I adore, and also Rurouni Kenshin, the first series I completed and also my biggest (28 volumes!) Also I’m part through completing the beautiful Death Note Black Edition series, I only need 2 more volumes and I’m loving the series so far.

So onto my collection of non graphic novels and non fiction. I don’t as of yet own a bookcase, as I said; my collection wasn’t that big until recently. My books currently reside on top of chest of drawers and are actually running out of space up there… (How I’m going to fit my 7 Songs of Ice and Fire books up there, God only knows…) So right now it’s all in a sort of pile and there’s no real chance to organise them in any fashion other than “big books go to the bottom”.

They’re split into 2 main sections, a front and a back. More of the completed collections are at the back such as J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Series and Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse and Harper Connelly Series. Having a YA book reviewer for a girlfriend has opened me up to a lot of books I wouldn’t normally of read; a lot of the new additions to my collection you would most likely find here on this blog (e.g. Dark Inside and Glow) but most of the books on my shelf are Fantasy. I have a certain penchant for Fantasy novels, I love getting lost in a world and following epic quests of characters. Some of my favourite series are His Dark Materials, which I’ve had a very long time (The Amber Spyglass is currently missing due to it being with Tyler) and is possibly the series I’ve re-read the most. Lord of the Rings is also another series which I adore and this has recently been joined by Tolkien’s The Hobbit. Another recent addition to my bookshelf that I’ve loved is Douglas Adams’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, his imagination and wit are just unlike anything I’ve ever encountered before and even though he sadly passed away before he could finish the series off how he wanted, Eoin Colfer did a commendable job with the final book And Another Thing…

There are quite a lot of books on the shelf that I’ve yet to read, the largest of these is Stephen King’s Epic Fantasy Series, The Dark Tower. I own all the books but I like reading a full series all the way through so I’ve yet to tackle this massive series. I would have to say though that these are the books I’m looking forward to the most. At the bottom of the front pile is all my non fiction which contains a couple of music related books and also some to do with drawing.

As for where I do most of my reading, I usually sit on my bed to read but I also have a sofa and a very comfy beanbag in my room which I sometimes use. As well as what I call my “evil-genius chair”.

Well, now you’ve seen my book…pile, I’ve got nothing left to show you! Thank you for checking out my bookcase! Until next time!


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