Cover Wars (#11)

I’d like to give credit where it is due here, but I don’t know who started Cover Wars. So if anyone does know, leave a link to their blog down below! 

But, basically each week (on a friday) I’ll be looking at the cover’s of a US version of a book and a UK version of the book (unless I like the version from somewhere else, then i’ll include that one too).



I love the fact that both these covers continue from the Starcrossed covers (cover war found here) because it adds the element of a continue series. Both coves are beautiful and my opinion hasn’t changed much since then. A lot of YA novels have a female as the focus on the covers, and it’s getting old. So I like the UK cover because it has both Helen and a male – still torn as to whether or not this is Lucas or Orion… – that and the lightening from Starcrossed made an appearance. I don’t really like the bubble featuring Starcrossed on the front cover, usually it has ‘A Starcrossed Novel’ or whatever…

I love the fact that the colours between the two books are very similar, although with the UK the pinky/red is bolder whereas in the US cover it’s a sunset. In terms of how the colour is used, I definitely prefer the sunset feel to it. 

But I think, once again, UK wins. Everything on the UK cover of Dreamless makes me want it, makes me want to pick it up from my book shelf and re-read it so many times… I just love the UK covers in this series!

UK wins!

So, which cover do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below!


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