Packing… & Hiatus…

So, since getting into university, I’ve had to do an awful lot of packing… and an awful lot of spending. Trust me, you don’t even want to know how much money I’ve spent! 

But it also meant, that I had to pack up my room ready to move out in a week. 

I currently have packed away ALL of my TBR shelf because I am taking that shelf with me to uni (there’s about 14 books there… that’ll last me a little while!) but for things like the House of Night… I’ll have to come home and collect them…

I’ve got between now and Saturday 15th (the day the giveaway ends) to read as much as I can… Because my blog will probably be really quiet between now…and well, till October really. 

I’m still going to post reviews (as much as I can) and I’ll try and keep you updated on Showcase Sunday’s, It’s Monday! What’re you reading? and I’ll try and through in some Cover Wars or something… But honestly, going to University and moving out of my home is a big step….

I’m getting emotional just writing this post! xD So here’s the plan, I’ve got plenty of posts scheduled to go up between now and October, so my blog will NOT be quiet. 

I will do the ‘winners’ post on the 16th before I leave my house (I’m moving out on the 16th) so you’ll still find out who the winners are! Don’t worry!

There is a blog tour that’ll be stopping by this blog on the 26th, so that can keep  you busy! I promise, not to leave you without anything to read!

But, comments and things might not get replies for a little while now… the blog might go a few days without posts… But, life gets in the way sometimes, and this is a hobby. NOT a job. I’m determined to keep it that way… Unfortunately, that means that I’ve got to leave it for a little while….

SO! I’ll be back full time in a matter of weeks. Until then, I’ll still post reviews (I’m not going to stop reading for Christ’s sake! :P) and Sunday and Monday will DEFINITELY have a meme each week. 

I hope you understand!

Good luck to everyone who has started school/college/university, and anyone who hasn’t started yet, but will be soon! Good luck to everyone who entered the giveaway! There is still a few days left! And I’ll be back soon! 


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