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Since I’m starting University in September, I’ve began my reading list (as the books have finally arrived!). To help me remember the stories in The Penguin Book of Modern British Short Stories, I’ve decided to review each story… 

Obviously, there is no need to keep track of these, as they’re not YA… but if you are interested, or you’ve done an English degree / are going on to do one this September, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the books! I’ll keep coming back to review each story as and when I get round to reading them!

Title: The Penguin Book of Modern British Short Stories
Edited by: Malcom Badbury
Publisher: Penguin
Release Date: February 25th 1988
Pages: 448
Source: For Uni, off amazon

You can buy it on amazon.

  1. Strange Comfort Afforded by the Profession. Malcolm Lowry. 13 Pages. 
    I honestly have no clue what really happened in this story… Sigbjorn was (I think) at a museum reading some guys journal about the English Poets Keats..
    Honestly, that’s all I got… So if anyone has any insights on this story… I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts!
  2. Ping. Samuel Beckett. 3 Pages.
    This story makes… NO sense to me! I honestly felt as though I was reading the same few sentences (adjusted by like a single adjective…) about 10 times over… Then I got to the end of the third page and it says translated into English by author or something like that… and I swear I facepalmed. NO WONDER IT MADE NO SENSE!
  3. Mysterious Kor. Elizabeth Bowen. 14 Pages.
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