Hey everyone! I know I disappeared, sorry! University got in the way! I’ve always wanted to go to uni, and when I got in to my choice uni, I knew the blog was going to suffer. And it did. And for that I’m sorry. I’m determined to pull in my days off (when I get them back – i’m volunteering at the moment) and my weekends and I’ll make this blog work again!

I’m so excited for what is to come on the blog, I’ve got some great personal books to read and review. Alongside that, I’ve got some AMAZING books from publishers to review! I honestly couldn’t be happier – so many books! However, I’m an English student… and this does mean that reading for pleasure takes a back step in priority… 

Despite this, I’m going to try and write reviews/meme’s and just generally be active on my blog more than I have been in the past three weeks! Sure, there won’t be a post every day like there was in the holidays, but I’m trying to bring the blog back to life!

I’m at home for the weekend, so expect some posts for the next week (AT LEAST!). 

Tyler x


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