October + Novembers Overview!

First of all, October:

What did I read?

  1. Spark by Amy Kathleen Ryan
  2. Forget me Never by Gina Blaxill
  3. Burned by P.C and Kristin Cast
  4. Wake by Robert J. Sawyer

General thoughts?

I think it’s quite obvious that since settling into University, reading hasn’t happened a lot. It’s a mix of, I haven’t had the time, I’ve been socalising or I’ve just been tired. But I enjoyed most of the books I read in October, with the exception of Spark (though the review made that clear). I’m just sad that I haven’t read as many books as I’d have liked too.
Book of the month?

This month was again tricky, but I easily chose my book of the month based on how involved with it I go. So the book of the month is Forget me Never by Gina Blaxill. I chose Forget me Never over Wake and Burned purely because I was actually talking about Forget me Never when I wasn’t reading it, and trying to solve the story as well as the characters. I really enjoyed it, just as I enjoyed Pretty Twisted by Gina. Definitely an amazing writer, and one to check out!

Secondly, November!

What did I read?

  1. Passion and Pain by Kathy Petrakis
  2. End of Faith: A Novel by Rena Willemin 
  3. Blink Once by Clyin Busby

General thoughts?

November suffered a lot also on the blog. I didn’t have time to pick books up let alone finish reading them. But the three I did read, I enjoyed. Some more than others, but I really did enjoy them all. I’m disappointed in myself, more than the books to be honest. I love reading and I allowed my love for reading to slip whilst at University. Determined to change that now!

Book of the month?

I easily chose the Book of the Month for November! It’s Blink Once by Cylin Busby. I adored this book, I really enjoyed it and thought the story line and the characters were amazing. I enjoyed Busby’s way of writing which made the reading enjoyable. No regrets at all. I adored this book, everything about it made me love it. 

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