Crimbo Holiday’s!

So I’ve officially finished my first semester at Newman University College and this means I’m now on Christmas break! As much as I loved my modules, I’m so happy to be on break and to be going home shortly. For now, I’m working on my assignment for Literature, my portfolio for Creative Writing and revising for my 2 hour Language exam. Ouch… But oh well! 

I’m almost finished the portfolio, but I haven’t even began the assignment yet… I’m worried about it… But in the same breath, I’m trying my damned hardest to get back into my books so I can get as many books as I can read for the blog! I want to reach my goal of 70 books before January 1st as well, which means I’ve got only 2 more books to read! I’m sure I can do that!

I don’t know what kind of shape the blog will be in the new year.. But I do know that I’ll run MORE  giveaways, and that I’ll be able to keep the blog running every week. Perhaps not all week every week, but definitely every week. So we’ll see how 2013 goes!

As for now, I’m hoping to get some reviews up soon (I’m reading two books and I’m hoping to finish them asap!) and since I am on Christmas break, there is nothing to stop me reading at uni either!


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