Awards! Part 1!

Since 2012 is coming to a close, I thought I’d do some award type things on my blog!
I’ve read so many amazing books this year, and I thought a post dedicated to the genres, authors, best books, best debuts… etc would be a great way to wrap up the year. I’ll release one set of awards each day from the 22nd till the 26th.

So, Top 3 Authors (with books published during 2012)

3rd. Sarah J Maas (Author of Throne of Glass)

Although, Throne of Glass wasn’t my top book of 2012, I really enjoyed it. I loved the characters Maas created and the way in which she writes. I’m looking forward to more work from her.

2nd. Sarah Crossan (Author of Breathe)

This was a phenomenal book that I clearly enjoyed (Breathe was given top book of 2012 part 2). But Sarah Crossan had the ability to completely engross me in her world, in her characters, keeping me completely hooked.

1st. John Green (Author of The Fault in our Stars)

I loved John Green from when I watched him (and still do!) on the VlogBrothers YouTube channel, but it wasn’t until reading Will Grayson Will Grayson (co-written with David Levithan) had I truely appreciated John Green for what he is: an amazing author. I adored The Fault in our Stars and his others book have been entertaining also. I’m glad I began reading his work this year. He truly deserves the title Favourite Author, this year.

Tomorrow will be:
Top 3 Debut Authors + Their Book (Released their first book in 2012)


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