Top Ten Tuesday (#1)

I’ve finally decided to switch out ‘Teaser Tuesday’ for a new Tuesday meme, because I never remember to do TT! So here we go, I’m joining Top Ten Tuesday! 
Top Ten Tuesdays is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and this week’s topic is: Top Ten Authors Who Deserve More Recognition.

Gina Blaxill:

I read and loved Pretty Twisted and Forget Me Never and I loved them both. I don’t see Gina’s name in the blogospehere much, maybe that’s just because I haven’t noticed, or because I’m right and she deserves way more recognition then she’s getting – which could totally be the case! 
Andy Gavin:

I adored Andy’s work from the moment I heard he was the creator of Crash Bandicoot – who didn’t love that game?! But his novels, The Darkening Dream and Untimed were both two that I thoroughly loved and would recommend to everyone. I don’t think I’ve seen his name AT ALL among the group of bloggers that I follow, and that’s a shame…
Caroline Green:

Similarly to Andy Gavin, I don’t see Caroline’s name around the blogosphere despite her awesome books (one of which got her a spot last year in my Top Ten Books for the First Half of 2012 with Cracks, though I loved Dark Ride a lot as well.
Jana Oliver:

Before you complain ‘But Tyler, Jana is recognised!’, I know she is. But I think she deserves MORE. I loved her Demon Trapper series, and I was sad when it came to an end. I found the whole series enjoyable, the relationships believable, and I was completely sucked into her world. 
Amy Plum:

Again, don’t moan! Hear me out, Amy Plum’s Revenants series blew me away. It was truly amazing. I fell in love with the characters, good and bad and her writing style is so easy to read, it’s great! 
Rebecca Emin:

I don’t know how many of you are going to have read any of her work, but I loved both the works of hers that I’ve read, my favourite being When Dreams Come True. Not just that, but this author is amazing to talk to!
Joanne and Karen Rock:

I’ve only read Camp Boyfriend but I am so in love with that book right now that I can’t not mention these two. I adored this book, shown by the review I wrote. And I can’t recommend it enough. Their names need to appear on my blogs! Everyone should read Camp Boyfriend! 
Cynthia Hand:

I’m still annoyed that I haven’t been able to get my hands on Boundless, the final book in the Unearthly series, because Hand’s writing is amazing! And I loved this series! It took a different spin on angels!

And that’s it from me! I could only think of 9. I have plenty of other authors I would have liked to have mentioned, but they already have quite a high amount of recognition going their way! For example, John Green and Jennifer L. Armentrout!

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