15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 14

I’ve seen a few people partake in Good Books, Good Wine’s 15 DAY BOOK BLOGGER CHALLENGE and I thought I’d join in! Even if I’m late! These posts will be posted during the afternoon each day, as my usual time for any other post is between 8am and 10am!

If at any point during this challenge, you started, please link me to yours so I can check you out!

Day 14: Tell us your deal breakers. 

I’m not quite sure how to take this… So I’m going to look at it in a few ways…

When asked to review a book:

If the email begins with ‘Dear Blogger’ but is directly sent to my email then chances are, I won’t accept it – obviously if it’s addressed to a bunch of emails but says ‘Dear Bloggers’ then that’s fine (because it makes sense!).

If the author doesn’t actually ask but more along the lines of says ‘this is my book, it’s about blah blah, please review it on your blog’ – well first off, I’d like to know who you are first, you’d be surprised by the amount of emails I get where the author doesn’t even introduce themselves! Secondly, I don’t mean to be rude, but sometimes rather than finding out immediately about the book, I would much rather you recognise my website, I know that seems rude…and if you haven’t found me off my site, tell me how you found out about me. I like getting emails from authors telling me that another author suggested me… So yeah, that’s nice!

Lastly, chances are I’ll review your book. So I’m happy for you to assume in your email that I’ll say yes so you should give the details like what kind of post you’d like – Just a review, an interview, a giveaway.. etc. Also, tell me in what formats the books available. When you’d like the review – if there’s a specific few week/day period that you’d like the review done by. This last part is especially important, because that will tell me whether or not I can review it in time, and whether or not I should be looking for an eCopy, or a print copy. 

Whether or not I’m going to buy a book:

As bad as this is, I judge a book by it’s cover. If I don’t like the cover, then the chances of me buying it are slim… But saying that, I will still pick it up and give it a chance! Won’t be too happy about putting it on my bookcase, but there we go. 

Recommendations. Simple really. If too many people have given a book a bad review then depending on my mood will depend on whether or not I’ll give it a go. I don’t always agree with the other book bloggers here, which is why I still might pick it up – but then for the same reason, if a few people have raved about a book but I don’t know if it’s 100% for me… then depending on my mood depends on whether or not it gets purchased. 

My PERSONAL deal breakers: 

Buy me a packet of one (or more 😉 ) of the following: Morrisons ‘the best’ cookies in milk chocolate. A pack of plain chocolate m’n’m’s. A pack of milky way stars (big packet!). A packet of wine gums. A packet of skittles. You can’t go wrong with these things. My parents used to use these items when I was younger to get me to do things I didn’t want to do!

Buy me a Chinese. I’m not even kidding. I will love you for life. My guilty pleasure, because I probably have it way more than I should, and still pretend I don’t have it enough!

Buy me nail polish. I’m a girl, who wears hardly any makeup except some lip gloss / lip stick and nail varnish. 
If you buy me any of the items, and want me to do something then I’ll say yes. If you don’t buy me one of these items… Well, you’re just going to have to find someone else 😉 – I kid. 

Tomorrow is the last day! EEP!

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