Top Ten Tuesday (#15)


I’m back! Whether there are reviews weekly or not, you can definitely expect a Top Ten Tuesday post every week! Hope you enjoy! Forgive me of course because I am still at University doing my dissertation so I’m very behind!

Top Ten Tuesdays is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and this week’s topic is: It’s freebie week so I’ve chosen: Top Ten Fictional Crushes

1. Daemon from The Lux Series: This book crush of mine is no secret, this man is swoon worthy! Yes he’s a bit of an ass when you first meet him but he is well worth waiting for. You won’t regret it.
2. Vincent from The Die For Me Series: Mmm, well this man is also swoon worthy! And it all takes place in France, ho can you not love a chivalrous gentleman in France?
3. Jules from The Die For Me Series: Believe it or not, he is just as sweet as Vincent, but lacks the mature factor that adds to Vincent’s swoon factor.
4. Aiden from The Covenant Series: So there is definitely a pattern, if JLA wrote them then I tend to love them!
5. Seth from The Return: I don’t swoon over the Seth in the Covenent Series, although I do like him. However when we see him in The Return (the spin off) I do love him a lot more! So much swooning!
6.  The Drake Boys from The Drake Chronicles: I couldn’t pick just one! So the family gets a spot… But so do
7. Nicholas Drake and Quinn Drake: I’m putting them here because although it’s slightly cheating, I felt the whole set deserved a mention, but in particular I love these two ha.
8. Stark, James from The House of Night Series: Mhmmm… I love me some Stark. ’nuff said!!
9. Peeta from The Hunger Games Series: I’m a sucker for Peeta… I just love him *sigh*
10. Alex aka Mr Green Eyes from The Touch of Death Series: I’m saying nothing other than, SWOOON!


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