The Make Me Read It – Read-A-Thon – The End!


So over this past week I made it my challenge to at least read 2 books, but if possible 4. If I finished 4 I said I’d make my way down the list until I ran out of time. Here is how my week went!

Day 1.


I started reading on day 1 late, I started around 10:30 with Red Queen and almost surprisingly, got into this book VERY quickly. I really enjoyed it, and I believe overall it only took me about 4 hours and a half to finish it?

The review for Red Queen, for those of you who are interested, will be posted August 8th.

Next I picked up City of Bones! Sadly, I ended up having to be an adult and I got nothing read of City of Bones other than the blurb…


Day 2… cityofbones

Well today was not as good for reading as I would have liked it to have been. After not getting much sleep last night I slept in crazy which cut my reading time down drastically. Once 6pm hits I can’t do much in terms of reading because I have to be a good girlfriend and cook tea and what not, so I don’t read much after 6…

Onto City of Bones… As of the end of Day 2 I was on part 2, page 144. This book for me was just dragging out. I remember that I almost decided to mark it as a DNF at the end because it just wasn’t picking up and I was bored… So, not much was read! Oops… My Goodreads updates say it all really.


Day 3,

I almost decided not to write anything for Wednesday… The lack of Goodreads updates basically says it all for me. I just did not read a lot. I think I read about 40 ish pages of City of Bones? I felt as though it would be going somewhere, but quickly found myself disappointed again.


chapter12 Day 4,

I still found myself struggling to read City of Bones by Cassandra Clare… Although around Chapter 12 it did start to pick up, I really enjoyed the next few chapters, but I soon found that it quickly lost my interest once again…

Once again, I didn’t get a lot read. Frustration was starting to sink in now…


cityofdownDay 5,

That’s it! I’m done with City of Bones! Finishing City of Bones was a good feeling. I enjoyed the final 100 pages, but I was already so let down by the rest of the book that it didn’t lift my spirits at all.

However, what did lift my spirits was knowing that I get to start Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige. Which was absolutely a good feeling. My excitement for this book is crazy.

For those interested, the review for City of Bones will go live on August 15th!


Day 6,dorothy14

I felt the pressure on Saturday, that’s for sure! I knew I had two days left to read Dorothy Must Die and The Winner’s Curse and it was looking less and less likely that I was going to finish both books. By the time it was 5pm I still hadn’t started reading Dorothy!

That being said, by the 10pm I had started and was really enjoying the story. The twist was right up my alley. The one good thing about being a gamer girl alongside a blogger? I’m up late every weekend! And between my games, I get chance to read! Woohoo!


Day 7

killdorothyPressure was on today! I was a book behind where I wanted to be on Sunday, but with that being said, I finished Dorothy Must Die and I absolutely loved it! The review for Dorothy will be going live on August 22nd!

I just need to get the sequel in my life, but even if I had it, I knew I had to move onto The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski. Sadly by 9pm I hadn’t read any more than 67 pages and at the time of writing this wrap up post that meant that unfortunately I hadn’t completed my goal of 4 books, but did manage to read 2 books! Which put my faith back into reading.

By 12am I had hit page 200. So I did not complete The Winner’s Curse


 Day 8,prettycover

So day 8 is Monday! The read-a-thon ended at 12am this morning, so this is my final wrap up.

Monday: I started and finished Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. Total pages read: 383
Tuesday: I started reading City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. I called it quits after page 143. Total pages read: 526
Wednesday: I continued reading City of Bones and did not get very far. Total pages read: 566
Thursday: Still reading City of Bones, sadly still unable to say it was finished. Total pages read: 667
Friday: Happy days, finally finished City of Bones.  Total pages read: 889
Saturday: Picked up Dorothy Must Die and really enjoyed it, didn’t get that far though. Total pages read: 1089
Sunday: Finished Dorothy Must Die, loved it, huge fan! And picked up The Winner’s Curse. Total pages read: 1541

So I did not complete The Winner’s Curse, but I read 3 and a half books, and so I’m rather proud of myself for that!!


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