Book Slumps:


As you can see, there is no review this week! Does that mean I’m going on one of my many recent hiatus’? NO!

Normally, yes. It would have normally meant that I needed a break, because I clearly couldn’t keep up to my schedule. But that was frustrating. Some others post 2 review a week, and complain about having a long back catalogue of reviews to write still! I don’t have this luxury. I post one review a week, usually up to 2-3 weeks in advance. And this week right here, got caught in My Most Recent Book Slump

Why Book Slump? Not Reading Slump? Because reading wasn’t a problem… It was getting interested, staying interested, and enjoying a book, I know I would have normally enjoyed. I put down a few books during this book slump. I was reading, but didn’t know the characters names, what was going on, the plot, anything. Not a thing.

Hopefully these posts won’t be popping up a lot, and I hope that when they do pop up, they’re only for one week in a row! I apologise about the lack of a review this week, but this is my attempt to stay with my schedule even though I have no review for y’all.

Thank you,



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