End of my two month Hiatus!

Hi all!

This post will be very personal, and I do apologise for that. So where do I begin?

me&dadThis man, is my father. His name is Martin, and unfortunately on October 17th he lost his battle with Cancer. The day he passed away, I had made plans to participate in a 24 hour read-a-thon, and upon cancelling that (obviously) I also decided to take a hiatus. I originally only planned for it to be two weeks, one week so I could mourn, and then the next week because I had graduation and a weekend in Berlin. That two weeks quickly turned into two months as I just couldn’t face the blog again.

I hadn’t read anything and so felt like I couldn’t come back until I had something to say again (which luckily I do now!). I understand that I had accepted books to review  but whilst I was away I read nothing, so I now have to catch up. Hopefully this means I’ll quickly get back into the swing of things.

For a little while, the blog won’t be as full as it was. I need to refill my Tag collection so I can write a tag post, and I might wait until the start of 2016 to continue with Top Ten Tuesdays. But as of January 2016 my blog will be back to it’s regular schedule:

Tuesday – Top Ten Tuesday
Thursday – This Thursday’s Tag
Saturday – Reviews
Sunday (where possible) – Showcase Sunday

For the fist month there will be posts on Wednesday as well, these will be a series surrounding my top ten books of 2015 and other related things.

I hope you all understand why I disappeared, and I hope you’re happy (as I am) for The Reading Pile to finally be full again!



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