Top Ten Tuesday (#34)

Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesdays is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and this week’s topic is: Top  Ten 2015 Releases I meant to get to, but didn’t. 



  1. Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas – I really did want to read and catch up with all of the Throne of Glass series, and it just didn’t happen. The only reason for this is the simple fact that I just wasn’t excited enough to read it.
  2. Winter by Marissa Meyer – I really wanted to read this series, but I didn’t get round to purchasing them, let alone reading them, in 2015! Hopefully I’ll get the series and read it all in early 2016.
  3. The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh – I kept adding this book to my basket on amazon and just never purchasing it! I was excited about it from the moment I heard about it. But I annoyingly just never got it, so never read it.
  4. Every Last Breath by Jennifer L Armentrout – I started reading the series via audiobook, but sadly didn’t get round to listening to Every Last Breath – Even though I really wanted to!!
  5. The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness – I almost got this book SO MANY TIMES. I was so excited to read it and just never quite had the money to buy it so always put it back. This really frustrates me as it was one of my most anticipated books for 2015.
  6. Firewalker by Jospehine Angelini – I have no real excuse here… I forgot about it being released in 2015 and so forgot to buy it… so I didn’t get to read it. Angry!
  7. Dumplin’ by Julie Murphey – I got this book at the Waterstones event I attended and had planned on reading it, but my mood kept changing so I never got round to reading it.
  8. Dangerous Lies by Becca Fitzpatrick – Another book I got from the Waterstones event that had planned to read… I read the first few pages and then just wasn’t in the mood (this was very soon after losing my Dad) and so put it down and didn’t pick it up again.
  9. Until the Beginning by Amy Plum – I completely messed up, I realised too late that this had been published (I originally thought this was being released in 2016).
  10. A Thousand Nights by E.K Johnston – I saw this in Waterstones soon after losing my Dad and almost brought it on the whim because I was upset. I had wanted this book but didn’t get it for review and then forgot to pick it up, and I couldn’t let myself pick it up when I was upset over my Dad cause I wanted to spend money I didn’t have at the time. Because of this, I never got to read it in 2015.

There are plenty of books I didn’t get to read in 2015, because I didn’t  buy them, forgot about them, or the mood didn’t call for it. I am hoping to get them on my bookshelves in 2016, to right the wrong!

What are your top ten this week? Leave a link below!!


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