Review: The Gateway of Time by Bentley Carr


Title: The Gateway of Time (Tales of Maroth #1)
Author: Bentley Carr 
Publisher: Self Published with the help of Aspect Design
Released: June 9th 2012
Pages: 110
Read it in: 1 day

You can buy it on amazon.


Five Children on holiday in the Gwynant valley, North Wales, explore a cave on the hill Dinas Emrys and find themselves  back in the year 1511. They meet Maroth the wizard, and Merric, his companion from a far off world who is stranded on Earth.

Maroth cannot help them, but he takes them to Elgrin, the leader of the Wizard’s Council. The children have to face many dangers on their way to Elgrin, but they eventually manage to meet him. Elgrin tells them of the key to the Gateway of Time. The children then have to search for the key and find it only to have it stolen from them by the evil magician Drascobal. They follow Drascobal and the key is somehow retrieved  but cannot now be used. A twist in the tale helps bring about a thrilling conclusion to the adventure.

A few of you may know that some terrible news was received a few months back about my Dad. And when I met the author, he informed me that a lot of the funds from these books (so a lot of the money you spend buying it) actually goes to Cancer Research. And more places where you can buy the books, and more information can be found on the website.  

My Review:

So when I was asked to read this story and review it, I was a little saddened  I didn’t have a whole lot of time on my hands but I wanted to read it. Finally when University finished, and I got to meet the author I was re-inspired to read The Gateway of Time! The mention of a wizard and an alien got me excited. Needless to say, this alien then became my favourite character and I want my own little Merric! 

So I sat down and read about 2 chapters on a train and then finished the book later that day. It was an enjoyable read. I loved the characters, Sandra, Shirley, Steve, Ranji and Kevin go on a little adventure back in time from 2011 to 1511 and end up meeting the wizard Maroth – who, though it was hard to understand him at times, was a well written character and he made me laugh a lot. 

As well as Maroth they meet plenty of other ‘wizards’, such as Garedd (uses science as opposed to magic, but still acheives similar results with herbs and such.) and Elgrin. They all help the children in their own ways, to get back to 2011. But I mentioned an alien didn’t I? 

The true hero (in my eyes, because I love him so much!) is Merric! The stranded alien. Merric is loved by the children as much as I love him, and saying goodbye to him was hard for them and myself! But Merric was just a fur ball of cuteness (okay, he wasn’t, but in my eyes he is and I just want to cuddle him! Someone find me a furry cute alien named Merric?).  He helped the children on their journey and helped them actually get back home. 

I really enjoyed the story, including the twist at the end. It’s not supposed to be a realistic story (which again saddens me, I want NICE aliens in 2017!) so the time travel and the wizards and the aliens just make it a very enjoyable read. I definitely recommend this to I’d say young teens. I’m looking forward to reading the sequel.

Rating: 4/5

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